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Summoned and Shaped: Traveling Together Into Our Belovedness, Wipf and Stock, 2018.

AIDS and the Sleeping Church, Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1995.

HIV/AIDS Ministry: A Practical Guide For Pastors, United Methodist Church, Board of

Global Ministries, 1993.

Ministry of the Dispossessed: Learning from the Farm Worker Movement. Wallace Press, 1987.

History of the First Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Privately published, 1977.


"Why Boycott Grapes?" Blueprint for Social Justice, Volume XLII, No.3, published by Loyola University in New Orleans, November 1988.

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"Pronouns for God and the People of God," Journal of Changing Ministries, Spring 1982, University of Southern California.


"Study Guide: Ministry of the Dispossessed," Wallace Press, 1988.

"Women and Children First: The Human Costs of the Arms Race," research paper for 21 minute filmstrip for Interfaith Hunger Coalition, 1983.

"Three Responses to World Hunger," a film strip Study Guide, Franciscan Communication Center,

Los Angeles, September 1978.

"Farm Workers? Movement and Religious Community's Response (A Study-Action Seminar),"

National Farm Worker Ministry, January 1974.

MAGAZINE ARTICLES (both news and features):

"AIDS Quilt: A Church To Call Home," Christianity & Crisis, December 17, 1990.

"AIDS: Our Common Enemy," coverage of VI International AIDS Conference for Christianity & Crisis,

Sept. 10, 1990.

"Farm Workers Still Need Us," The Disciple, July 1989.

"Cesar Chavez's Fast For Life," The Christian Century, October 1988.

"United Methodist Church Grape Boycott: Too Selective by Far," The Christian Century, June 1988.

"Arson in Delano," Christianity & Crisis, April 18, 1988.

"Farm Workers Harvest Sorrow," The Witness, July 1988.

"Piecing Together Love," (about the Names Quilt), Fellowship, September 1988.

"Gaining Justice Ground," Sojourners, October 1977.

"Dom Helder Camara: The New Moses" The Catholic Agitator, Sept. 1976.

"The Farm Worker," Concern, May-June 1975.

"So What Does It Matter Which Union?" NFWM paper, Nov. 1973.

"Women in the Huelga," Lutheran Woman and Response, October 1971.

"The Status of Women AS the Church," The Church Woman, January 1972.

"Hear the Rally Cry," The Church Woman, January 1971.


"Prayers from the Heart," collection posted on website in print and audio formats, 2015.

Radio documentary, "Away from Home - Salvadoran Refugees in Southern California,"

produced for Pacifica Radio. First aired August 1981.

 "Prophets and Other Troublemakers," a weekly one hour program for Pacifica Radio.

On planning and production team. Show began airing September 1981.

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